Rebuild In Progress

I’m in the midst of rebuilding the site to match the look of the blog.

Sorry for any inconvenience, I’m sure there are bits that aren’t working properly.

About Mubashar Iqbal

Mubashar Iqbal is the creator of Most Inspired, a web designer and developer, who has been building websites for over 13 years. You can read his blog at Mubashar Iqbal
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8 Responses to Rebuild In Progress

  1. Shimo says:

    I don’t like it at all, design is fine but navigation sucks, old listing was easy and nice to browse…

  2. @Shimo: The listings work the same way on the gallery page, which is accessible from the main navigation or:

    I removed them from the homepage as the page was getting too big. I kept a link to a few of the galleries from the homepage as a way to direct people into those listings.

    I’m open suggestions for changes so feel free to make some.

  3. Shimo says:

    I will wait till you finish everything, then post my thoughts 🙂

  4. Fubiz says:

    Like the concept!

  5. gallery needs to have that color codedness for time, I love being able to come on and look quickly at which galleries are newest based on color/transparency…do this, and you have my rating of 5 stars!

  6. @Jonathan: The color coding was there, but I modified the colors combinations to make the scale a little more clear.

    Hope that means we get the 5 stars now! 🙂

  7. Ok folks let me have your thoughts on the rebuild.

    I’m still having discussions with David about the homepage, we’re not convinced its provides the entrance to the site we’re looking for, but some feedback from you all will help our discussions.

    Thanks in advance.

  8. Mubashar, I like the updated color variation for older sites vs newly listed. I think the home page is getting there, but I think 1) the site name needs to be the same color as they are on the sites page. I found it distracting that they were different when I clicked view all. I also think they could be a little smaller, since the image, in my opinion, is more important to the people who visit your site than the name of the site itself. I think if you make those changes things will be better. Still not a five star, but you are getting there!