Inspiring Cityscapes

I’ve been fortunate enough to live in some of the biggest and most inspiring cities in the world — London, New York, San Francisco, Boston and have visited many more.

One of the things I love about big cities is the views of their skyline. When I lived in San Francisco I would to ride my bike over the Golden Gate bridge and look back at the cityscape. In New York, I lived in Brooklyn, and always be awed at the view of the city whilst crossing the bridge back to my Park Slope apartment (I always seemed to take the subway into the city and a cab home, go figure).

I was going to post some of my photographs here, but after looking around Flickr for a while I found these gems that far outshine my pictures.

You’ll notice that a lot of the photographs are shot at night, probably another reason I like Light on Dark, the colors in some of these shots are just amazing.

San Francisco

San Francisco Skyline

Pier 7 Skyline View

over downtown san francisco, california

New York City

A night shot of part of the NYC skyline from Hoboken, NJ.

Silhouette of NYC Skyline

Silhouette of NYC Skyline

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island


Night London Panorama with Full Moon

London Skyline / Horizon londonien


Boston 2 Towers

colorfull skyline picture of Boston


Nearest city to where I live now.

Empire State Plaza

Albany Skyline - August 2005


Chicago's skyline taken from the observatory of the John Hancock Center.


Seattle Skyline from Kerry Park on Queen Anne hill.

A deliciously pink sunset over Mount Rainier and the Seattle Skyline


Detroit Skyline


Denver's Skyline

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Skyline

Hong Kong from the Victoria Peak.

Hong Kong in the Blue Hour


Pudong Skyline




Diamond Head to Waikiki

What are your favorite cityscapes?

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13 Responses to Inspiring Cityscapes

  1. Bennett says:

    Great pictures, must say it’s hard to pick a favorite out of all of those. Dallas skyline would be another one that I think might make a good addition to that list.

  2. telandweb says:

    Correct me if i’m wrong, but most of this pictures use High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography Techniques.

    That is why you see with those colors. Any way this type of picture are always pretty.

  3. @telanweb: You are correct most of the night shots are using HDR techniques.

  4. Ty Gfx says:

    I’ve had some ideas to take city scapes and trace them with a pen-tablet, and take out the actual details completely and make it look like paper cutouts, or posterize the details.
    There was another Photoshop tutorial how to take skylines and wrap them around a circle like a globe, may have been a print only UK magazine though.
    Adding this one to my basecamp creativePath.

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  6. Juanan Ruiz says:

    My favourite one is Sevilla.
    Great collection.

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