Weekly Top Standards |Most Gallery #5

Cheb 2.0

Cheb 2.0.1 was redesigned April 13th, a web design geek blog. Cheb Dagher is the blogs owner, in Sydney, Australia. The site is built using WordPress.

Authentic Style

A sliding scroll page type of navigation, works pretty well, when the page slides to it’s new position, another identical menu appears in the same position as before to make it easy to use.

Fantesca Winery

Fantesca: Winery and Estate, Napa Valley – St. Helena, CA, an exquisite site.

Moxie Global

Early Intervention Support

A new twist on some standard design concepts, done with some freeform illustration and mixed-media visual styling.

The Norik

I’m usually not a big fan of portfolio sites who place long lists of their work directly on the homepage, such that it requires huge amounts of scrolling, but this two-page site makes it work. There is a certain elegance in the simplicity. Twelve portfolio pieces are shown at TheNorik, and those pop open in a light box setup. The lightbox setup uses a certain amount of style, and not the default chrome navigation elements, so that it is completely fitting in the design. The portfolio pieces themselves are not lacking in any skills either, showing some refined talent and inspiration. Overall, everything is very tastefully done…

Design Intellection

Finally, a more or less plain vanilla web standards site in the minimalist vein that strikes my fancy.

Denna Jones

This site has a treasure trove of API usage documented here by the happy merchants. Awesome stuff gang, the phrase “happy merchant” reminds me of Leslie Camacho’s EE forum’s signature quote, more aptly an African proverb: “I hear, I forget. I see, I remember. I do, I understand… “. Although actually I could of swore the forum signature was, “Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.” Anyways… back to some more websites!

Larva Labs

A New York based software company focused on mobile entertainment application goodies for the T-Mobile Sidekick platform.


A web dev designer community site made by notable designer/developer Monc’s David Hellsing, who has been a particular friend of the open source community, developing Stylegala originally, the Tripoli CSS framework, and more goodies. DevKick is still a work in progress, but it’s really starting to shape up into a powerhouse resource for web designers.

Other notable resources and fun sites this week:


Brought to you by the same people who run PSDtuts. Here’s a link to the Launch Announcement at NetTuts.com.

There is getting to be some great tutorial sites out there for web-dev’ers, with so much out there to learn in this changing field, these make a great addition to your RSS daily feed reads.

Erguvan Platin

An all flash realty development website, with a fabulous splash of colors just to brighten your day, and inspire you to create something colorful!

Best Web Gallery

If you enjoy viewing a flash site now and then keep an eye on Best Web Gallery, they make some great gallery picks, also some CSS/Web Standards sites. This site created by Nick La of WebDesignerWall.com, another don’t miss site in itself. I’ve got a feeling most of you will be no strangers to Nick’s work.

• Way out in left field check out the Chinese Proverbs vs. the African Proverbs wiki pages for some philosophic thoughts, more great quotes, and in-depth inspiration.

Web Standards Reboot May, 2008

• Until next time, don’t forget to kick up your boots, or would that be ReBoots?
— Don’t miss the next web standards reboot this May 1st ’08, and be kind to your fellow designers.

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