Weekly Top Standards |Most Gallery #6

Bird Malaysia


A great combo of strong typography and photography. The page banner images do a nice job of extending the subject matter beyond the boundaries of the box, to bring the birds to the foreground of the page design.


Bread and Butter!

Looking for a design on a certain subject matter (pets), and certain recent submissions to the CSS galleries stand out. This recent entrĂ©e at CSSMania caught my eye. Man’s best friend looks particularly apropos on the homepage if not downright anthropomorphic, thanks to Cash Cab for improving my vocabulary on that last wordy-word.


Nk’Mip Resort, Osoyoos – British Columbia Canada

9web uk

Exceptional grid layout at work in this clean and straightforeward design approach, with some script.aculo.us bits thrown in for good measure.


Flash concept intros on many of the pages highlight this evocative red palette site.

brad frost

A novel page concept, the content of the blog, scrolls inside the mouth, that resizes to fit the window.


I don’t speak french, but I had a feeling before translating it that this site was a magic/novelty shop. I just love the sound of the bell going off as though people are going in and out of the shop. The illustration is quite magical… good stuff. Link for French to English translation site, hope this works.

stampede design

A web services outfit in SouthEast Asia, Malaysia to be exact. The design is somewhat exotic in it’s dark floral grunginess.


With a 2-tier dropline menu, this site is packed full of design and graphic goodness.


Enough of the serious design concepts and cultivating new ideas by exploring the latest technical genre, let’s get to some serious and much needed slacking off via animation video shorts of the headless kind (left-brain vs right-brain vs no-brain)!

Other Noteable and Fun Sites this Week:

ui jquery

The jQuery User-Interface widgets, components and interaction scripts, just got a new site, and an updated script library v.1.5b4, as well as many new demos! The new site is hot off-the-wire, I can’t wait to check out the new demos…


This ranks about a zero on the SEO and accessibility scale, but it’s a fun site concept nonetheless… with some interesting usage of drag n’ drop, transparency and a combo box navigation. Some image replacement techniques could have provided at least a minutia of content that the search engines could have indexed. As an experimental novelty site with a visual navigation, it’s really very clever.

It turns out the DOM Drag & Drop script is available from Dynamic Drive, check it out here. Please use sparingly.

The Weekly Top Standards question of the week…
How Bloggy is your Blog?

Acronym of the week:
FOSS – Free and open source software

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