Weekly Top Standards |Most Gallery #7


Steven Gleave a freelancer from Kent in the UK, working to master and showcase modern trends, nice showcase here.


Freshest Web Design in Northern Ireland, is one static page, with one designer at work -Bill Morrison, but the 1-pager with a fresh slant on a linen canvas background is a thing of beauty. I really love the clean layout and vector floral style illustration, expect more content from B.M. in the future.


Another freelance portfolio, this one from Alvaro Casanova (aka Yeahstyle), a 21-year old Uruguayan graphic designer based in Santiago de Chile. This one is a different take with the thumbnail images on the homepage almost reminding me of piano keys. A very colorful site.


A May 1st reboot site… a great grid layout and a good mix of graphic elements.


Another designer portfolio, this one’s not in English and looks to be from Amsterdam. The flash transition text treatment, and abstract design are quite nice here.


Late to the party, I should of had this site added for last weeks celebration of Cinco de Mayo. Click the Sim button to enter the site.


From the website intro, “Art Space Tokyo acts as your 272 page personal guide and interpreter, connecting you with the neighborhoods and figures behind some of the most inspiring art spaces in this colossal city. …”


You’ve just got to love a site called “Ging-ah-r-r… Mon-k-a-a-ay”, aka the “Auburn Ape”.

The vector-illustrated swirly-floral and color graphic designs appear to be mostly print works and of rockstar quality, to which we say… “keep up the monkey business gingerMonkey…”. In December of 2006 Ginger Monkey’s head honcho, Tom Lane got to do a Computer Arts magazine cover for the “Future Trends” special edition, further evidence of his Rock Star skill-set. Aww-sch-ome sch-tuff ginger monk-ee!


There’s still time to catch up on Rob’s travels on his 8,600 mile route across America during the month of May. Rob is no slouch in the design field, be sure to check out his domain RobWeychert.com for other interesting projects and esoteric shenanigans. Besides if you follow Rob’s adventure you won’t have to spend your stimulus check on the gas money and get stranded a third of the way through the journey.

Jason Reed Web Design

Mootools assets used to great effect and XHTML 1.0 strict valid code. I like the carousel within the tab, and the fact all of the sliding panels resize if the text is expanded. Many sites fall flat on this issue.

Cool Link of the Week:

Processing.js - A John Resig Project Phenom

From the “Brain Trust” known as John Resig this week, John is sharing the fruit of his labors over the past 7-months of ultimate geekery producing a possible flash-killer or certainly a viable alternative in some cases.

This project known as Processing.js taps the power of the Processing visualization language using javascript and the Canvas element, to produce it’s quasi-stellar effects.

Don’t miss the demos:

You may have heard of John, he’s the Javascript Ninja who invented the ever popular jQuery .js library.

Thanks for sharing this with us mere mortals John —fantastic stuff!

Rant for the Week:

Why can’t we get a good deal on Computer Arts magazine subscriptions here in the U.S.? Be on the lookout for bootleg .pdf copies of back-issues, or better yet maybe there will be some DVD collections soon.

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