How Hot Is Your Site?

CSS galleries have provided a good way to determine if your web design is any good, but they are run by a handful of individuals and don’t always reflect how the general public feels. In many cases just getting listed let alone getting good rating (on those galleries that allow voting) is very difficult.

Hot or not has been very popular for people, and the paradigm is shifting to websites. A number of websites have appeared that allows users to vote on the design quality of a website. Although they work slightly differently they all have the same purpose determining if your site is hot or not!

command shift 3

Created by co-working outfit Jelly, CommandShift3 is like Hot or Not, but is actually a design battle. You are presented with 2 designs are you click on the one you like more. You can view the current leaderboard to find the top winning and loosing sites.

Hot or Not Designs
hot or not design

Sites are loaded in an iframe, and users vote on designs on a scale from 1 to 10. About 8000 websites are available for you to vote on and you free to submit others.

OK or KO
OK or KO

Follows the same format as Hot or Not Designs, but displays a screenshot rather than the site in an iframe.

Should Redesign
should redesign
Disclaimer: I built this website

Rather than asking users to rate a website, Should Redesign asks a simple question … Should a website redesign? Users are presented with a screenshot of a website and vote yes or no. The top should and shouldnt redesign voted sites are listed for finding the best and worst of the submitted sites.

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