Weekly Top Standards |Most Gallery #8

Min.Frexy blog

Vietnamese talent Min Tran, a one man web design Tour de Force, is fresh and sexy …well not sure about all that, but it’s a nice site from a talented designer.


Flavert Media Lab’s Hypothesis Version, über cool!

Citrus Design

Rounding out the international flavored portfolio sites topping the gallery this week, this one from Romania.

Carnivale Duvin

Cajun Carnivale Ringmeister, Emeril Lagasse does it again! Emeril’s web dev team throws some more “Bam” on it, with his Foundation event website, nice work.

Lady and Sons

Another Cooking Channel personality Paula Deen –the “Queen of Butter”, gets a new site this week. This one a relaunch on the ExpressionEngine CMS. Is it lunch yet?


Located in Cary, NC, in the Research Triangle Park – one of the country’s fastest growing centers of software development and new ideas with SAS, Red Hat, and Epic as neighbors, sounds like an interesting place.

Derek Sholl

A grungy layout for a country musician, with a spacious layout and typography.

Fixie Consulting

A mootools accordion graces the homepage of Fixie Web Consulting. The transparent header treatment of the accordion sections makes it appear to be something unique. I love the design… on the other hand, a user not familiar with accordion menus, might not know what to click. A little more visual cue on the accordion link styling might be a good idea.


A standout Flash portfolio, vivid colors, typography and textures.


And finally trailing the pack this week is “The Boss’s” new site (and you thought the boss was Bruce Springsteen). The EllisLabs site got a redesign by none other than Rick Ellis himself. The new site is clean, spacious and eloquent. Be sure to check out the comic book Superhero art treatment of staff members on the Our Team page. Contributing the illustration work was one, Cliff Persaud. Derek Allard talks a little about the illustration works and shows pencil renderings for each in this post,”GREATEST about us page of all time“.

Quote of the week:
“Code is art… art is Code.”

WebDesign Is Art Wallpaper
WebDesign Is Art wallpaper

New Kid on the Block

Shadowbox JS Media Gallery script

A new media lightbox script Shadowbox—a cross-browser, cross-platform, cleanly-coded and fully-documented media viewer application built entirely in JavaScript by Michael J. I. Jackson (I think the JI stands for Jedi Intellect) . This script works independently of your other javascript frameworks, and there are already some adapters for the major js libraries, jQuery, etc. Check out the demos

There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.

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