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Consider this one a technological preview and a study in the spectacular use of all sorts of electronic communications. Technologies including blogs from the yachts, global-positioning GPS data tracking on Google maps and video/audio casts – all direct from the yachts. It almost reminds me of a video game control panel interface, love the design.



Imagine a client giving you this focus for the design brief…
“if you think you’ve made it crazy, go crazier…if you think it’s goofy, make it goofier.” —well there ya go then, sounds like a zany gig!



A pleasant design firm layout from sunny Santa Barbara, California. The site is easy on the eyes, strong grid use, and I like the light grey to manilla reverse hover treatment sitewide. The blog also appears to be one for your feedreader
aka bloglines

The Ameravant logo “A” reminds me just a bit too much of the Ad Council logo, but that’s just me, nice site overall.



A dramatic white-on-black site with a touch exotic flair, beings the subject matter features some tropical locales, Panama for one.



Vintage publication styling, and some interesting writing works. The current May/June 2008 edition has some excellent interactive map graphical features. It looks to be educational as well as inspiring reading, just might add this one to my Rss reader under
Urban Landscape.



An interesting and albeit “green” website design, very nice. An up and coming female design team of freelancers, could it be?



An elegant amalgam of logics + aesthetics, plus a healthy dose of javascripting abilities to do some cool wow-iness. Their About page says they don’t like working with private persons, control freaks or jerks, and prefer to work with clients who pay on
time… geez how picky is that, lol.



Sketch artistry and illustration in this WordPress powered blog, along with some mad science as is evidenced in the logo.

From the Catalyst Studios (CS) about page… “Formed in 1998, Catalyst Studios began with a singular vision – to be the fiercest band of mole-wranglers in Texas.” Hot damnnit …there goes my dream of being the first mole-wranglin’ web designer in the
, if and when I ever move out West.



A fun mix of flash and web standards design. Check out the About page, it really sort of blew me away. The About page cutline is “We Believe that Inspiration is Behind All Good Design.” This page is a complete mirror image of the sites layout, a behind
the scenes peek, if you will. The posterized high-contrast cutout treatment of the graphic urban elements complete with neon colors and paint drips and splatters is über awesome!



Web Design is a matter of Kung Fu mastery young grass hoppa’, Photoshop your head onto the body of a true master and you will soon see! Flash intense site.

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3 Responses to Weekly Top Standards |Most Gallery #10

  1. unr says:

    Nice list. 🙂

    I’m personally fond of the excocooperative design, but without fully exploring, the ‘about’ page seems too confusing.

  2. Jason says:

    catalyststudios looks so cool!! The graphic design team must have a in-depth understanding of colors and layouts.

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