Weekly Top Standards-Most Gallery #14

  1. Growldesign.co.uk
    Freelance portfolio of Hertfordshire, UK’s web designer Jenna Smith, a well rounded code specialist with all of these in her skillset; PHP, MySQL, XML, XSLT and jQuery -“yea-a open source!”

  2. Awayback.com
    One of my favorites this week, Freelancer – Amrinder’s site, who’s self-described objectives include building “technically intelligent, visually impressive and freely creative websites”!
    If the portfolio site is any indication, then yeah I’m feeling the “visually impressive” bit, nice work.
    Note to self: start using some sIFR, it looks just excellent here in the headings.
    Typography overall very nice.

  3. Phunkn.com
    Phunky-funky, talented Creative Director -Jason Chieng’s site.

  4. NickHand.net/
    Graphic design from the far North of Alaska, Nick’s site utilizes an expansive grid and some Flash header treatments. The flash is a bit sluggish here, and as a result not very smooth tweening action, but it could just be my machine. Anybody have a 1Gb chip of old sdram laying a round, give me a yell 😉 …

  5. SpaceColorado.org
    Space exploration from the mile-high city Denver, Colorado.

  6. Indent.co.za
    Innovative bold geometrical layout, with a sci-fi futuristic console vibe.

  7. ConsiderOpen.com/
    A Seattle web design portolio, further proof that “Seattle still Rocks“.

  8. http://www.tourtracker.com
    A new AOL brand website hit the streets this week, this one a great new music and concert resource TourTracker offers a whole host of original content and user submitted articles and inside-scoops about your favorite recording artists, as well as Tour Dates and ticket information for huge national tours as well as the pub down the street, incredible. Mubs confides in me he was spending some time in Manhattan, NY the past couple of weeks helping build this site. Thanks for turning me on to this one Mubs, it Rocks! Everybody get out and catch some live music, you know you want to.

Quote of the Week:

“Believe in your dreams, for they can only take you to a place once unimaginable … ”
-Jason Chieng’s site

That’s about it for this week, happy Independence Day to anyone residing in the United States, Mubs in NY, and David B. from over at LogoPond down in Cajin country N’awlins, Lous’iana, and Simon across the other big pond at the reins of Stylegala. Shout-outs to all my friends scattered across the “Creative Planet” also, and enjoy the weekend, you know I will.

Peace out!

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