Weekly Top Standards-Most Gallery #15

  1. http://www.stoutlabs.com
    A web development & design laboratory, minus the mad scientist, plus the ExpressionEngine CMS.

  2. http://www.catchdigital.com/

    A flash animated plasma-like background with various foreground layer alpha effects. Throw in some sIFR, jQuery accordion menus and sexy graphics & icons, and you’ve got yourself an edgy, modern and trendy website.

  3. http://www.thierryschlegel.net

    Interesting use of color in vivid blue and taupe, texture with some 3-D and splatter elements, and navigation choices retaining a hover color to show categories of works. Beyond these elements the site could use a bit of background information about Thierry apart from the resume pdf. Thierry’s also bought in to the “Save the Developers” movement, which makes perfect sense to me on a portfolio site.

  4. http://www.arcinspirations.com
    From the list of “Top 10 JavaScript (jQuery) Powered Sites

  5. http://www.jameslaicreative.com
    It’s no secret that I like, grungy worn-look websites and jQuery. The intro slide-in/fade-in jQuery transition, on load is the deal breaker, making this one-pager a must add to the standards gallery.

  6. http://klinkov.com
    This one is an awesome layout, again jQuery functions carousel combined with realistic artist palette textures! Hmmm… this one give me some big ideas for a personal project, on my someday todo list.

  7. http://www.vegaone.de
    Cool times 10 on the wow-scale, this vibrant portfolio flash site featuring some splatter-riffic graffiti art!

  8. http://www.jamesb-dj.co.uk
    James B asks, “What’s Hot?”…sexy DJ beats, trendy stuff, great typography.

  9. http://mamie-bouillabaisse.com
    Another stylish portfolio with a neon palette on black.

  10. http://sacas.net
    Click around in the Flash intro header on the homepage, it’s really sort of awe-inspiring even if you don’t speak the language, did I see a w000t in there somewhere!

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