Weekly Top Standards-Most Gallery #16

  1. loewydesign.com
    You thought only Charley Brown was a blockhead, a block layout literally as well as just in the grid sense. Tetris fans might like this one, I know I do.

  2. designdisease.com

  3. lukelarsen.com/
    Large stylized horizontal website with Scrollto.

  4. kttunstall.com
    I have to admit I found this one as I was looking for green-earthy themed websites. I’m a huge fan of KT’s, her site is pro all the way. She’s a bit of an ecology activist as well.

  5. taptaptap.com

  6. rockyourlook.com
    A major flash offering from retail giant JCPenney, upload your karaoke webcam footage, or just check out the other videos and mega-doodle-art.

  7. rockatee.com
    This one made my day, from the German lady designer Maleika Esther Attawel! Her previous site made it’s way into the ExpressionEngine showcase. This design again very, very nice.
  8. – no image available –
    Hoping this one works, they were having bandwidth problems, no doubt to all the viewing by gallery peeps, hence no screenshot yet.

  9. stjamescourtartshow.com

  10. takemefishing.org
    A fishing portal is a fun project to work on, this one really shines!
    That’s 10 for this week, I’m outta here… Have A Great Weekend Everybody!
    Rock Your Design Projects!

Bonus Site!

What the heck, here’s 10 + 1 for this week, just happened on this fresh launch that’s got such excellent execution on a lot of levels over at the EE forums. I’ll get the jump on all the other galleries with this one, my fame and fortune can’t be far behind, I’m fast approaching “Legendary Status” already 😉

PS: Handcrafted /w tlc.

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