Weekly Top Standards-Most Gallery #17

  1. bustinDownTheDoor.jpg

    Bustin’ into theaters this weekend this retro surf footage film looks pretty cool! So does the supporting flash animated website. Check out the intro trailer with parallax background effects creating the surrealistic, or maybe surf-realistic 3D illusion of depth. I even enjoyed the dreamy soundtrack loop, taking me back to my days as a concrete-surfer, on my original old school Tony Alva skateboard with Kryptonics Blue wheels that were like riding on air, hitting the big 4×8 plywood-sheet driveway ramp, doublestacked to a full 4 x 16 ft. ramp. What would it of been like not being land-locked, and riding that monster pipeline…?
    -back to the reviews & fresh-takes…
  2. wellingtonlions_co_nz.jpg

    A tough-turf background fits this sites earthy-grunge design.
  3. africaoasisproject_org.jpg

    A call to action site for getting involved in some volunteerism, nice use of textile textures.
  4. anthony_morphlondon_com.jpg

    Wordpress and the recurring theme as of late with a dark gray wood laminate background, still very nice layout.
  5. getinthecockpit_com.jpg

    This looks like some wild stuff, virtual aerial videography specialty equipment packages, not to mention the cost of the airplanes, which I know can get expensive. Doing aerial acrobatics is easy to wreck your pride-and-joy airship. Great hobby or business though.
    Who doesn’t want one of these, let me know, buy one and I’ll have yours!
  6. detroiturbancraftfair_com.jpg

    A good fit for a craft fair with a scrapbooking type of vibe. Check out the alien pull-down in the header by pulling the gray arrows from the top, also the pull-out on the skyscraper, furls out an airplane banner on the other side. Some interesting animation effects that you would think might be flash, you’ld be wrong. Seemed to be all jQuery, and running in WordPress.
  7. mutinydesign_co_uk.jpg

    Some Mootools and other scripts at work on this design house site with a clean one-page layout.
  8. simpleart_com_ua_en.jpg

    something about this site, makes me want to go out and buy new office furniture and some plants… This sites been around a short while so possibly you’ve seen it. After noticing another site recently added to my gallery picks, and being informed it was produced by simpleart, I’m putting out the word to keep an eye on the portfolio here, as they are producing some brilliant and innovative works many with 3-dimensional realistic graphic elements.

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