Weekly Top Standards-Most Gallery #18

  1. upstruct_com.jpg

    Interesting and trendy concept portfolio site, with Prototype and Scriptaculous as the javascript libraries of choice.

  2. alexbuga_com.jpg

    One from my favorites, this one has some very interesting script features using mootools and some other “stuff”. The green hanging lamp slides back and forth on a slider and produces a realistic light effect. The PNG image of the lamp includes the shining light that is a transparency effect using white for the light. (Note to self: start doing cool stuff with png or else!).

  3. dgscreative_cz_en.jpg
    Something resembling creativity, and it doesn’t hurt to have creative in your sites domain name either. The 3D Create logo is spectacular. Another fine detail is the sequential “Loading” animation when viewing portfolio pieces in the lihgtbox overlay.

  4. albertlo_com.jpg

    Movable Type CMS, Jquery and some nice plugin work sliding the portfolio thumbnails on the homepage amongst other great features.

  5. maddetective_com.jpg

    This website anticipates the UK release of the film “Mad Detective,” in which the protagonist can see people’s multiple personalities manifested in multiple people. The site is designed to look bruised and beaten, as the main character is in the early scenes.

  6. cherrypickpeople_com.jpg

    A vibrant but simple color palette at work here. The large photographic headers add some visual interest on the different site pages also.

  7. gomediazine_com.jpg

    This looks to be a fresh redesign of this site and I’m liking it. Straight from Cleveland, Ohio home of the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum“. They are stacking up a pretty good content lineup as well as continuing to offer graphic resources, freebies, tutorials and their usual tasty arsenal of vector packs. Keep GoMedia on your radar.

  8. adhamipenderarchitecture_co.jpg

    A new design trend on the horizon, very tastefully done here, is animated flash backgrounds. This subtle fractal animation strikes me as a poignant addition to this architect portfolio site, that is a minimal layout in rich color tones… Magnifique!

  9. jonrawlinson_com.jpg
    My leisure pick of the week, this video producer’s website has some great travel footage from all around the world. Take a break, and have a look. This one’s utilizing WordPress folks.

  10. current_com.jpg
    Leisure pick number two. Having not delved too much into video and tv content type sites. The user-interface (UI) for this beta site is pretty well developed. The player was in use on the previous Jon Rawlinson site. Check out the schedule page for a flash nav gizmo, really nice stuff.

    Let me know what some of your favorite sites are for something more than youTube video shorts.

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4 Responses to Weekly Top Standards-Most Gallery #18

  1. JON says:

    Thanks for picking my site and the kind words! I appreciate it. I’ll add a link to your site. Keep up the great work!


  2. ty.Gossman says:

    Great! Thanks Jon, I’ll keep an eye out for the link. I just noticed on your about page, it looks like you’ve designed your own site there then, pretty good stuff.
    “Jon then went on to backpack around Australia. For 4 months he worked as a web designer for Presence Online in Sydney.”
    Sounds like an adventure.

  3. Cedric says:

    good selection this week