Weekly Top Standards-Most Gallery #19

  1. nataliadevalle_com_ar.jpg

    A casual designer portfolio from Argentina, fun design.

  2. tcommeterre_com.jpg

    Don’t miss the horizontal parallax portfolio scroller, done with jQuery and a plugin called wSlide, pretty kewl!! The wslide demo pages are in French, be sure to open an English translated page (hopefully this link will work) to see the three sample demo pages, links found at the bottom of the first demo page.

  3. phizz_biz.jpg

    With a name like Phizz, they had to go with the biz domain extension. The site is using some asp.net technologies, which you just don’t see too much in web standards circles, great design. There are a few tables in the layout, but sometimes a table is just a no-fuss and logical solution, or creates a pagination set.

  4. ignitenewmedia_net.jpg

    Nice to look at, peculiar there don’t seem to be any alt tags for images though. There are many benefits to using alt tags, including search engine optimization. The tables-based nav strikes me as odd also, the css-based sliding doors techique is hard to beat for image-based navigation. They’ve done a great job of making the background transparency work even in IE6, kudos for that. Sorry for being a stickler about the tables this week. Whilst I’m on a roll here, the portofolio pop-ups opening in a new window are ok for new sites, but for images a lightbox treatment would be better.
    Onward & upward…

  5. bgpatterns_com.jpg

    A web two-point-oh way of exploring background images and sharing them, certainly worth exploring.

  6. etmaguire_com.jpg

    Eric Maguire’s portfolio in the making, lots of impressive sites thus far, and more on the way it looks like. Couldn’t help notice Eric’s showing Most Inspired some love there in the sidebar, thanks Eric.

  7. spacecollective_org.jpg

    If you are a science geek, you need to check this one out! If not check it out anyways, a plethora of visual science projects on-board, with a flexible width layout of 100% and links to hundreds of sci-fi websites out there.

  8. friskdesign_com.jpg

    Not surprised to see this one was built with WordPress, yes designing a wordpress theme is a genuine design service, not just something you “slice and dice”. Frisk Design specializes in WordPress it would seem, this bubbly site design is quite a looker.

  9. shiftspace_org.jpg

    Something new [shift] + [space] offers a whole new social browsing experience, with it’s firefox plugin approach to add an open source layer above any webpage. Thoughts on this startup anyone?

  10. fontpark_morisawa_co_jp.jpg

    Font art, shuffling letters to create artworks, view and create your own. Flash fantástico, this one, have some fun with this amusing art experience!

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3 Responses to Weekly Top Standards-Most Gallery #19

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  2. Matthew Hill says:

    Thanks very much for the link to my site, Frisk Design. I just put the new design live last week and I’m really pleased with the response I’ve received so far — and enquiries for new work have tripled too! 🙂

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