Weekly Top Standards-Most Gallery #20

  1. MilesDowsett.com

    Overlooked this site in last weeks picks. Quality stuff running on ExpressionEngine. A screenshot thumbnail for portfolio navigation is kind of the norm, but this portfolio page utilizes mini 25x25px icons for each site featured, and the user-interface there along with the pages info-architecture and hierarchy make for easy viewing. Great stuff…..

  2. JasonSantaMaria.com

    The new redesign of rockstar designer Jason Santa Maria seems to be built on EE this go round. Jason has authored a few resources on Web Standards and the like that I find myself referring to repeatedly. His portfolio contains some notable sites, such as HappyCog, AlistApart, and Dictionary.com to name a few. The layout, to coin a phrase -is a multi-columned news-style layout. Here’s a link to Jason’s blog post on the redesign.
    Pretty cool for EE fans, that is all from this “Paparaz-ee”.

  3. blank2go.jpg

    An increcibly adepth sliding navigation and website. Many of the sites resources are downloadble PDF menus, so they don’t have too many problems with the box layout not resizing to accommodate for text. The creative uses of jQuery on this one have been hit squarely out of the park! Also another use of a flash animated background technique to produce “ sparks” behind the active page link in the main navigation. For an even more indepth look at how this site is put together, check the SmashingMazagine post on useful coding solutions 1st one on the list.

  4. blank2go.jpg

    An innovative portfolio solution, a lot of content presented tastefully in a one-page layout, using the prototype-scriptaculous duo of javascript libraries, amongst other resource.

  5. blank2go.jpg

    An urban grafitti layout, can you dig it?!#! There’s a bit of an Easter Egg if you load the site in IE6 you’ll see this lovely message alert box. I couldn’t manage to track down where it was being served up in the stylesheets? The IE6 warning replaces the RSS feed and welcome message in the upper right… nice… that should turn some heads.

I’m planning to be out on vacation next week, we will continue with week #21 of the Weekly Top Standards website picks, after a short delay. Until next time, good luck finding inspiration for your next project or website design! ~ty

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2 Responses to Weekly Top Standards-Most Gallery #20

  1. Steven Snell says:

    I really like the redesign of Jason Santa Maria, although the other version was awesome too.

  2. Amit says:

    All the designs are awesome.