Weekly Top Standards-Most Gallery #21

  1. futureofwebdesign_com.jpg
    Part of a family of design event conference websites, they are all looking particularly great. Other sites in the event series’ include; http://futureofwebapps.com, http://future-of-mobile.com, http://futureofonlineadvertising.com… behind this successful series of internet design and marketing technology events you will find Ryan Carson of Carsonified playing a lead role.

  2. spoongraphics_co_uk.jpg
    This article on Designing for Print – Setting Up Crops and Bleed, had me adding this resource to my feed reader lickety-split!

  3. spoongraphics_co_uk.jpg

  4. smallmanrecords_com.jpg

  5. amphibian_info.jpg

  6. impdesigns_com.jpg

  7. contrast_ie.jpg

  8. homeskilletrecords_com.jpg
    A George Huff creation.

  9. flyheli_co_uk.jpg
    Astute in the usability category, helicopter fans will love this keen and clean website.

  10. robertrandolph_net.jpg
    Poppin’ the faves this week! IndigenousRocks.com another great band, the website is currently a little rough, they’ve got a hot new recording out though, entitled “Broken Lands”.

Script Resources

  1. scriptandstyle_com.jpg

  2. webdev_stephband_info.jpg
    Another most effective jQuery parallax scrolling plugin, check out the demos for this one!

Getting back in the groove this week after a two week hiatus/vacation, I’ve got some ideas for a few other posts up my sleeve, namely record company and college radio websites. Keep the peace and the faith, best wishes to all the good folks in Delta region where hurricane Gustav wreaked a little havoc this week.

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