Weekly Top Standards-Most Gallery #22

  1. cesserdigital_net.jpg
    I recognized the work of Miguel Ripoll (link to an English translation via google), almost instantly! I don’t think there are any other designers or firms that I can so positively identify. This design enterprise agency is one to watch for sure.

  2. jobs-webdesignerwall_com.jpg
    Looking for a new design gig, or just more opportunity to spread your designer wings? Check out Nick La’s new design jobs board, you gotta love Nick’s work!

  3. kindledinme_com.jpg
    Love the hierarchical use of colors in this design and the slow scrolling javascript slider on the homepage. The rainbow colors look splendid on the dark earth tone background.

  4. august_com_au.jpg
    Another spectacular use of fade-in flash backgrounds. S;otting flash backgrounds a while back, I’ve forgotten to try and incorporate the technique into my own website designs and redesigns. The idea of flash backgrounds really resonates with me, I’m not big on flash as an interface and full-site means of navigation usually.

  5. almalatina_info.jpg
    I don’t speak the language, but this looks to be a great ballroom dancing site maybe, and you know what they say about ballrooms, especially in Italy?

  6. thelippincott_net.jpg
    The mixed nostalgic, newsprint, and grungy graphic elements of this design, along with outstanding typography and a loose grid layout combine to create an old world flavor that makes me hungry for more, marvelous site.

  7. classicwfl_com.jpg

  8. mukustudios_com.jpg
    Amusing Flash interactive portfolio, some talented illustration works.

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