Weekly top Standards-Most Gallery #23

  1. carhartt-streetwear_com.jpg
  2. abc-baseball_com.jpg
    From the good and oftentimes imitated folks at TaprootCreative.com. The distressed looking photograph in the header loads randomly on every page, as usual I can’t quite dissect exactly how they did the scripting …anyone? They have optimized and compressed all the css and javascripting, making it harder for a web layman to study, kudos to the Taproot web ninjas.
  3. miamiangelproperties_com.jpg
    This Miami real-estate website, is a double-edged Samurai sword (sticking with a theme) for me. On one hand what I love about the site, is the beautifully illustrated header. On the other hand, the header is a bit large-ish for the inside pages and is constant and unchanging on all the pages of the site. Variety is the spice of life and some header variations could make this site even more unique. They’ve done a great job overall on the design, and integrating the WordPress blogging/CMS platform.
  4. simonemaranzana_com.jpg
    Excellent Typography, Lighting Effects and 3D-style graphics are the specialty du jour, bon appetit!
  5. darrenhoyt_com_agregado.jpg
    Freebie of the week this WordPress theme featured on Smashing Magazine and created by a couple of the guys from Category4.com, namely Darren Hoyt and Matt Dawson.

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