Weekly Top Standards-Most Gallery #24

  1. islandphotobooth_com.jpg

    This retro layout is quite well done, with all of the fun stuff a vintage-retro layout should have. It’s a pretty good fit for the subject matter of the website.

  2. onefastbuffalo_com.jpg

    Another vintage website, this one with an overall antique vibe to it, you’ll want to ignore the validator on this one, that and the all caps in the description meta tags and blinking navigation elements that results from not using a sliding-doors CSS technique. I do like this website though, with it’s slide-in vertical navigation and various antique ornamentation, including a menu for changing the wallpaper background of the page. Catch OneFastBuffalo before this traveling wild west medicine show moves on to the next stop on the stage coach line.

  3. thefirsttwenty_com.jpg

    A really tidy and complete 1-page grid layout, using a lightbox to load content above the current page, resulting in showing the user many pages within a one-page layout. This non-profit site is somewhat a tribute to the fireman, while rasing money and awareness for a great cause highlighting the everyday heroic efforts of firemen, and creating needed resources.

  4. usataxdollars_com.jpg

    A nice little interface to give you an idea where your federal tax dollars are going in the USA, via a pie chart and detailed breakdown. Kind of cool actually.

  5. billyhughes_oph_gov_au.jpg

    Considering some of the government websites out there, this site should rate very highly! The site put up as a support site for an exhibition of past Australian prime minister Billy Hughes, who held the office from 1915 to 1923, when the country was enduring the horrors of the first world war. Marvelous little site, especially if you don’t know much about Australian history.

  6. headconference_com.jpg

    Another web developer event to add to your calendar, October 24-26, 2008. This one is global and all you need is web access and $99 bucks. With some big names and major players, it looks like a pretty big deal. Check it out, the site credits are in the footer on the homepage.

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