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It is no secret I’m a fan of aggregators, having built a number of them in niches from Design Galleries, Sports, Movies, Online Sales, Jobs, and Parenting.

Outside of the niches anyone looking for general links and interesting news there are a number of options…

User Powered

These sites are powered by their users, who submit and rate articles which may or may not be featured on the sites homepage.


Digg is branching out from its technology focus to provide links to interesting articles, news, images, and videos.


Although Reddit can have a bit of a political slant, there is plenty of news whatever your interests. The recent push to create your own Reddits is making sure you’re covered not matter what your interest.

Yahoo! Buzz

Yahoo! has always been a popular web destination, but now Yahoo! is letting you decide what is newsworthy.


Sourcing news from more established sources, Newsvine allows users to vote on stories that get promoted.

RSS Powered

These sites use RSS and other mechanical ways of collecting information from other sites to give users and easy and convenient way to read the latest news.

All Top

Inpsired by the hugely popular PopUrls, All Top does exactly what PopUrls does but for just about every topic and category you can imagine, and that number of topics continues to grow.

Social Media Pop

Okay you got me, this is another one of mine. Social Media Pop aggregates links from social media sites, and presents the more popular stories for your to view.

Editor Powered


Drew Curtis filters the web to give you latest cool news, if you want a real over load, consider subscribing to TotalFark.

Thrive Core

Brought to you from the team behind the popular PopCrunch and associated websites, Thrive Core hunts down all the latest interesting links.


You’ll need a large browsers, for more news than you can handle.

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Mubashar Iqbal is the creator of Most Inspired, a web designer and developer, who has been building websites for over 13 years. You can read his blog at Mubashar Iqbal
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2 Responses to General Aggregators

  1. these social media sites are geat for checking out the buzz and popularity of new sites and stories, sphinn is probably my favourite

  2. Nice and attractive gallery.