Weekly Top Standards-Most Gallery #25

  1. thefarmerandthechef_com.jpg

    A culinary event with a rustic wooden plank background design.

  2. intridea_com.jpg

    KISS principles are hard at work here… simple gets it done! Looking a little harder though and this site has quite a few added innovative goodies, like tooltip bubbles and a ratings/improvement box. The site has enlisted in the Save The Developers campaign for certain low-level browsers, which don’t support the above mentioned goodies.

  3. dogfish_co_uk.jpg

    KISS again… this one-page flyer layout design is poppin’ clean and uses a fresh & vibrant color palette.

  4. fall_tnvacation_com.jpg

    The TNvacation seasonal family of sites is now standard fare on most CSS gallery menus. This nostalgic Fall season portal is no different! They do just an excellent job of revitalizing these sites, year-in and year-out, while also linking to many regional city and county visitors bureau and tourist attraction sites. TNvacation rocks once again…

  5. seoweb_co_uk.jpg

    Pretty cool portfolio site, the interface on the work page is buttah… The main site navigation could use some hover effects though, plenty of attention to detail otherwise.

  6. floggedmagazine_com.jpg

    Poor flogged little puppy has lost his way. 🙁
    A continued influx of flogged designer work and creative points of view, should make this site-magazine an interesting place to visit occasionally and possibily gain some recognition for your own designs.

    Don’t feel sorry for me, any of my designs that got flogged were a valuable experience, for better-or-worse, the client had to live with the design choices as well. It’s good to be open minded about these things, eventually you develop a knack for selling a design concept, while taking criticism more professionally. After the cursing is over, it doesn’t hurt so bad anyways. Learn to be a flexible design ninja …just like Mr. Bill.

    Maybe you’ld prefer to try selling your design spec work, so rudely written-off by a client that didn’t quite get it. Check out Mubs’ post this week for tips on Where To Sell Designs, if you’ld rather go that route.

  7. tvrdek_cz_en.jpg

    I’ve never really cared for narrow-width site layouts, this one is something completely different, even though it’s largely very narrow, oxymoronically speaking. Interesting concept, I can see this creating some visual trends as well.

  8. tastyplanner_com.jpg

    Besides tasty recipes this site has some divine web 2.0 interactive goodies, like Recipe Box, Meal Planner, Grocery List and desktop widgets. Yum-ee-ee!

  9. wpcoder_com.jpg

    An imaginative layout, with subsequent pages all done as pop-overs using the jQuery Thickbox.

  10. honker_evaneckard_com.jpg

    Another free WordPress theme brought to you by SmashingMagazine, this one called Simply Ornate was designed by Evan Eckard. Featuring a transparent foreground, so all things are possible for the background image -think upgrade, Prototype.js /Script.aculo.us enhancements, and some pretty cool StereoTabs (wow… that’s a great blog and a new one on me, I need to venture away from the jQuery camp a little more often) in the sidebar.

    They are offering the theme with 5 different color scheme backgrounds, with the transparent foreground, many things are possible, maybe even a flash animated background, looking for a good tutorial link for that suggestion?

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