Weekly Top Standards-Most Gallery #26

  1. letitbleedbook_com.jpg
    http://www.letitbleedbook.comJust when I had decided that many recording company websites are very uninspiring, this little gem comes along, beautifully themed at that. The site is supporting a Rhino Records company commemorative limited-edition book of the 1969 Rolling Stones U.S. World Tour. The plain version goes for $650, unless your champagne tastes lead you to order the deluxe edition at $950, maybe there’s a discount code floating around someplace?

    The Let It Bleed site is credited to Casey Sheehan of Expo Cooperative. The EC site was featured Week #10 on MostInspired.com.

  2. blogactionday_org.jpg

    This apropos entry and design is known for challenging social awareness issues, and this years no different. The topic of discussion for this years blog participants is Poverty.

  3. train-ee_com.jpg

    A big fan of Michael Boyink’s ExpressionEngine resources, this site’s relaunch is look-ee-n… good! Here’s a holla back from one a your peeps then Mike 😉

  4. crystalheadvodka_com.jpg

    What do ectoplasm, vodka, and Indiana Jones have in common? This is no riddle just an observation to go along with this mysterious site subject. The vodka is not so mysterious, drink too much and you’ll be in big trouble, but the crystal skulls are a recent phenomena, due to the latest Indiana Jones adventure on film.

  5. nebulaawards_com.jpg

    Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc. awards site.
    Interview with the designer: http://expressionengine.com/showcase/read/tony_geer_nebula_awards/

  6. artofdyingmusic_com.jpg

    It seems Canada’s got all the kick-ass rockbands now days (Note to self look for more kick-ass rockband websites).

  7. 2pitch_com.jpg

    From the possibly sligthly jaded Jeff Lupien, looks like an entertaining gallery pitch.

  8. datedesigner_com.jpg

    Build a better date, no you don’t have to be Dr. Frankenstein or a modern day Prometheus. It just takes a little planning, and with the help of this application/website you’ll be a natural to be yourself, and ask out that hottie you’ve been avoiding. You gotta love the Swiss Army cross logo.

    This site falls under the “why didn’t I think of that…” category. I’m not sure who they got to input all the locations, they’ve done a great job though.

  9. felixlaflamme_com.jpg

    Just in time for Halloween, this “Illustrator to the Rockstars” website is particularly ghoulish. Felix is responsible for the art on the Psyhco Clowns guitar picks, and other notable ventures.

    That’s all for this week, until next time don’t forget to tune in to your favorite podcasts (truth or fiction) or burn your own. Back for the attack next week with more twisted adventures of a wanna-be web developer…

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  1. Thanks for the love on DateDesigner.com – I’m finishing up a round of new dev and it’s going to make the search & build process easier than ever!