5 Design Pattern Collections

Most Inspired and other galleries are great way to start off the design process to get a general direction for your new project, but sometimes all you need is a little inspiration. Perhaps you’re wondering how to style the comments for you new project, or your’re wondering what you should do with the footer. Recently we’ve seen a new type of design gallery pop up, ones that focus on design patterns.

In software engineering, a design pattern is a general reusable solution, and people have found this reusable approach applies well to web design too. Most websites share common elements, from headers and footer, to comments and calendars, these elements can be very similar.

Below you’ll find a list of pattern collection websites to provide just that little bit of inspiration you need.



PatternTap is a fairly new site, from Matthew Smith at Squared Eye. PatternTap allows you to create and a share sets of the best in web interface design.




Martijn van Welie has collected examples of best practices in Interaction Design.


Design Patterns by Brian Christiansen


This flickr collection captures findings of consistent, unique or interesting interfaces and design flows from across the web.


UI Patterns

UI Patterns

UI-Patterns.com are not the first to create a UI design library. While other pattern collections are useful, they are far from coherent and complete. The purpose of this site is over time to fill some of the gaps – especially by providing code examples as to how how the different patterns can be implemented: to join theory with practice.


UI Pattern Factory

UI Pattern Factory

UI Pattern Factory is a mix of user interface design pattern library and UI gallery.


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  2. You might want to check out UI-patterns.com again – it just relaunched!

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