Niche Content Management Systems

Just because you’re not building a blog, online store, or running a forum, doesn’t mean that you have to build your website from scratch.

Yes we’ve seen WordPress molded to build many different kinds of websites, but I recommended against anything too drastic.

There are also many general purpose content management systems to aid you in building your website, but a number of niche content management systems have become available to help build a site for your wedding or a site for your band, and many other niches.

These Niche CMSs can greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to build your website, and provide many features that you’d like but wouldn’t have the time to build yourself. Some are hosted solutions to completly take the pain of setting up your site, whilst others are applications you download and install on your own server.

Check out a selection below, and add any ones you like in the comments below.

Wedding Sites




Church Sites

Ekklesia 360


Cobblestone Community Network

Food Sites


Education Sites



Music Sites


Sports Sites


Go Bookmaker

Family Sites




Portfolio Sites

A Good Portfolio


Real Estate

Real Estate Websites

Coming soon



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  4. Mirko says:

    Great post, I never hear of most of these. Bookmarking!

  5. cam says:

    really fresh! i haven’t heard of over half of these sites. very useful post!

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  7. Dennis says:

    We’ve developed a light cms, simply called .cms Works for any business vertical. You are welcome to take it for a test drive if you like and we would appreciate your feedback. Contact me anytime.

    skype: dennis_powers

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