5 Tips for Naming Your Business

brainstormingThe cornerstone of every brand is the brand name. For a freelancer that will be your business name. Here are some of the qualities you should look for in a name:

  • Easy to spell

    Ideally your name should only need to be spelt once to a new client. Names that are difficult to spell should be avoided as clients may mistype when searching, emailing or worse, recommending you.

  • Easy to pronounce

    A name that is easy to pronounce is inherently more memorable. It will also ean clients don’t feel silly saying it when they recommend you.

  • Short and memorable

    The shorter a name, the more memorable it will be.

  • Relevant domain name

    As the web is such an important element for marketing and branding, make sure you can find a relevant domain name before settling on a business name. While you don’t need anything glamourous, it should still be related and reasonably short. Your domain name can have your country suffix, which should market it easier to find a reasonable domain.

  • Reasonably unique

    The less common a brand name the better. The whole point of a brand is to stand out, not fade into the mass of similar names. Before making your decision, search for similar business names in your industry and or profession. If another business has a similar or identical name, you may want to keep looking for a more unusual name.

Some freelancers choose to use their own name as their business name, while others do not. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of each:

  • A personal name (e.g. John Smith Design)

    The advantages of a personalised name:

    • Easy to come up with,
    • Often unique (depending on your name),
    • Descriptive
    • Often easy to find a domain name for,
    • Memorable, and
    • Usually easily Googled.

    The disadvantages of a personalised name:

    • Not appropriate for expansion,
    • Will not reflect your creativity, and
    • Will probably not reflect your brand values.
  • A none-personal name (e.g. Click Photographic Services)

    The advantages of a none-personalised name:

    • You are free to find something catchy and fun,
    • Can reinforce your core brand values,
    • Can reference your services, and
    • You can keep the name if you choose to expand.

    The disadvantages of a none-personalised name:

    • It will be harder to find a name that reflects you, and
    • It can be very hard to find an appropriate domain.

If you choose to use a non-personal name it can be worthwhile finding something that reflects your brand value, however this isn’t essential as you can build brand value into a name. For example Xerox inherently means nothing, however over time for customers and the public it has come to mean various things – quality, efficiency and so on.

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