22 Non-Profits Looking Good, Doing Good

Even for a non-profit a website is a very important marketing tool. An essential way to share the non-profits goals and way to garner contributions. It also provides an easy way to share with contributors what they have accomplished with the money they have raised.

Below you’ll find a collection of great looking non-profit websites, although having a great looking website doesn’t ensure the non-profit is doing great things, but it does make it easier as you surf their site to find out what they are doing.

Creative Capital

International Rescue Committee

National Parks Foundation

The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research

Humanity United

Conservation International

World Neighbors

World Vision

Women for Women

Feeding America

Unicef USA

The Hunger Project

City of Hope


Samaritan’s Purse

The Nature Conservancy

Asia Society

Habitat for Humanity

Food Bank For New York City

Farm Sanctuary


Action Against Hunger

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12 Responses to 22 Non-Profits Looking Good, Doing Good

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  4. Thanks Amy that is another great looking one!

  5. Dave Sparks says:

    Mubashar thanks for the round up.
    I think it’s important for non-profit organisations to have sense of community and a well built website can help strengthen and develop that. Some great examples in your post.

  6. @Dave: Thanks! I totally agree.

    I know people think why are these non-profits wasting their money on flashy websites, but really how many people would donate their time/money to a organization that didn’t have a decent looking site?

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  8. andy says:

    Don’t forget the Institute for Justice: http://www.ij.org

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