10 Websites Built with Kohana

About a year ago I started to use the Kohana framework to build websites where PHP was the preferred language. I’ve used many PHP frameworks in the past, from Fusebox, CakePHP and my own home brewed framework that I called Fraction. For me Kohana has proved to be far superior to all of those.

Kohana is a PHP 5 framework that uses the Model View Controller architectural pattern. It aims to be secure, lightweight, and easy to use.

Although Kohana was originally forked from Code Igniter it has been rewritten from the ground up since for — amongst other things — strict PHP5 compatibility.

Despite being a solid framework that provides great performance, with an awesome community Kohana’s popularity still lags behind the other PHP frameworks. So I thought I’d put together a little showcase of sites built with Kohana to show what can be done with this excellent framework.



Andrew Zimmern


Kohana Jobs


DJ Hero


Studio Hari


Most Built




Most Cheated


Church Metrics


And of course I can’t leave of my personal website, which I recently rebuilt with Kohana.

Mubashar Iqbal


About Mubashar Iqbal

Mubashar Iqbal is the creator of Most Inspired, a web designer and developer, who has been building websites for over 13 years. You can read his blog at Mubashar Iqbal
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23 Responses to 10 Websites Built with Kohana

  1. Thanks for writing this bro. It only gives me more faith in what a great framework Kohana is.

  2. demogar says:

    Great post dude, really good framework tho.

    You have a typo here. It’s CodeIgniter, not Code Ignitor <–


  3. I made a game with Kohana: http://tweeptycoon.com

    I think it’s the best PHP framework there is. And I’ve tried many, many PHP frameworks!

  4. @ justin : I’m just glad to have a such a great tool to use.

    @demogar: Fixed, although either works for the url, I guess a lot of people make that mistake 🙂

    @christian: Cool game!

  5. Ben Midget says:

    This is one we put together with Kohana. Just went to market and is performing great.


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  7. Chris says:

    Dear Mubs,

    thanks for sharing Framework Experience and your expressive Showcases. Hey, you have big clients from my country (http://www.burdastyle.com/), Site build with RoR. Congratulations.

    I made very bad experience with CodeIgniter, I found myself in loosing much time in fixing the framework-core (lost one big client in fact of undetected cookie bug). Ok – Kohoana did fork CI very early in fact of the lack of an ORM. In this time I switched to CakePHP.

    Apart of strict PHP5 and good Performance (osQuantum rebuild oscommerce on Kohana), I am very interested to get some facts based on your developer experience, why you prefer Kohana to Cake that much. I never looked deeper into Kohana because there are no books about it at all and I found the coding style confusing.

    greetings and happy weekend to all,

  8. @matthew: Thanks to you and everyone else who helped to promote this post.

    @ben: great work on the website.

    @chris: BurdaStyle is from my day job at Area17, great place to work, get to do lots of fun things.

    There seems to be a real interest in knowing more about Kohana and that’s kinda what I hoped to do with this article, just increase the awareness and interest in Kohana.

    I’ll be writing more on Kohana, probably on my other sites (not really appropriate here), that delves a little deeper into my reasons for my preference of Kohana.

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  11. Okto Silaban says:

    Are you sure that Andrew Zimmern was built using Kohana?
    Because I think it doesn’t..

    Try access this : http://www.andrewzimmern.com/?q=user/register

    It’s Drupal..!

  12. @okto: was going by this post: http://forum.kohanaphp.com/comments.php?DiscussionID=346&page=1#Item_32

    It may be integrated with Drupal, will try and confirm…

  13. Yeah, Kohana really seems to be a great PHP framework and most do agree to that as well. By displaying the various pictures you have shown the versatility Kohana has to offer.

  14. Todd Eddy says:

    Wanted to mention my site is 100% using kohana. Even the blog part I wrote from scratch since I didn’t want to mess with getting wordpress working. Been busy so haven’t had time to finish some other sections I’m working on but I’m still pretty happy with kohana.

  15. Todd Eddy says:

    (edit) I guess it’s not 100% since the comments are still using IntenseDebate. But that’s one of things I want to build myself as well.

  16. Noman says:

    I have been going through various reviews about php frameworks. Finally selected Kohana for a try. My reason of selection is its low learning curve and ready to go architecture.

  17. Great work with Kohana , i also believe kohana is one of the best PHP framework. Thanks to share this nice post.

  18. Akiva Levy says:

    Don’t forget http://sixthirteendesign.com ! Although, I am currently preparing to release v2, including a blog module I have been working on.


  19. I invite you to discover my new website http://buildon.net where you can showcase your websites, especially Kohana websites.

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  22. I am still looking for other kohana built websites. Any other samples?