Design Trends for 2009: Current and Future

Design in general is always evolving and changing. From the dull, lifeless days of bland, boring websites to the age of color and excitement when it comes to web design – all in the space of just a few short years. There’s no doubt that design trends, styles and techniques are changing rapidly, and that as designers, it’s our responsibility to keep up and build on this change.

Here are some design trends that we’ve seen over the past year as we head towards the end of the year.

1. Extremely Large, Focal Imagery

A lot of designs have begun adopting a single, powerful image at the heart of the website which serves as part of the design and attempts to communicate the intended brand image.


2. Heavy use of Georgia

We’re seeing a sweep of websites (including a lot of my own) who have adopted a culture with the love for Georgia. The font itself is a pretty good for standard text in content at anywhere between 10-14px and even serves well for titles at larger sizes.


3. The Return of Minimalism

The minimalistic train has made yet another stop on the web. Its passengers vouch that less graphics means better, and a lot of websites have begun to adopt this mantra.


4. Clever mix of vibrant colors

As the web moves on, people are becoming a lot more adventurous with their use of color and they combinations they create. The site below is a typical example on a beautiful, lush, vibrant design with strong use of blues and greens.


As we can see, design in general is making a very quick advance in style. About 5-10 years ago, you would have never seen anything like the sites I’ve mentioned in this article, it was just bland design outlines with no real color usage and in many cases, plain text.


Now, where do we see the design world in the next few years – well let me make my predictions. First of all, we’re seeing an ever-increasing number of websites adopting what is called ‘AJAX’ technology (Asynchronous Javascript and XML), albeit a coding-side development it will help radically change the design trends of the future. Remember when flash websites were all the range? Well, it’s becoming more and more possible to build an almost flash-like website with lush, cool animations using AJAX instead.

The less is more concept is still a core ideal that has been developed over the last few years in the web design industry, after moving away from initially heavy graphical websites, but I also suspect for the majority of sites to hit in the middle, and be sites which are quite minimal, but still take advantage of large imagery in certain key parts of the design.

There’s also a great deal of pressure on all designs to be accessible and usable. This means that we’ll see a lot more contrasting colors and a lot less “blending” in terms of both design and content.


It is difficult to outline where something as creative and wild as design will move to over the next few years, but all we know is that the standards set will become higher and higher, and the industry will see more (yes, even more) competition, only allowing the best of the best to succeed in the field, driving more and more innovation into the world of web design.

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6 Responses to Design Trends for 2009: Current and Future

  1. Mars says:

    I had done some design that are in line with new trend, but the old client would still prefer the 90’s design, headache!

  2. Webdesign says:

    thx for the list, i think we together make the trends in web 🙂

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  4. Agustin says:

    Flash still rules in so many amazing ways, it’s never going to be what it once was, now the community is more civilized…

  5. Stone Deft says:

    I don’t like Georgia (not a big fan atleast) Well it’s better than sans…anyway…

  6. Thank you very nice article.
    @Agustin – Im not really a flash fan, because with flash you dont can or its very difficult to make websites with a cms.