Best Designs of 2009

Rather than creating a list of my favorite picks of the designs from 2009, I’m going to be collecting links to others people selections.

  • Drawar Designs of the Year: 2009

    Paul Scrivens picks his favorite designs of 2009

    What makes these sites special in my mind is that they don’t go overboard in trying to wow you. Their “wow” factor comes from the many subtle nuances that they provide. Many of them go unnoticed when you think about them individually, but when you combine them all they make for a memorable design. I can only hope that after going through these designs you to have a better appreciation of what it takes to bring together a cohesive design.

  • Brand New The Best and Worst Identities of 2009

    Each identity comes with some basic details like release date and design credits, highlights from our polls for those identities that came after July when we introduced the feature, and I have selected one or two reader comments to accompany a brief summary from me.

  • Six Revisions The 50 Best Photoshop Tutorials of 2009

    We’ve been searching the web from America to Germany to the UK and have managed to compile a list of the 50 of the very best Photoshop tutorials this year.

  • Complex The 50 Best Comic Book Covers of 2009

    Our esteemed panel of expert judges combed through every comic book from 2009 to find the best, brightest, and most badass covers.

  • WebDesignDev 50 Best Web Design Blog Posts In 2009

    There has been some breathtaking content from many web design blogs this year, but only so much content can make the list. Compiled here are tutorials, articles, inspiration, web design guides, compilations and much more!

  • thedesigncubicle The Best of Twitter 2009: Graphic Design Edition

    Since starting Sweet Tweets I have accumulated 28 weeks worth of resources and for this post have hand-selected the best of each week for a Sweet Tweets 2009 Best Of the Best roundup.

  • Web Design Ledger The Best Vector Tutorials of 2009

    Vector applications such as Adobe Illustrator that are used to create scalable graphics are ideal for creating such things as logos, characters, and icons. There were many great vector tutorials put out this year, which made it difficult to choose the best, but here are our picks.

  • Smashing Magazine Smashing Highlights 2009

    In this post, we’ll review what has happened on Smashing Magazine over the past year: smashing highlights, setbacks, and small sensations of 2009 — which we present in a month by month timeline.

  • The Design Cubicle Best of TDC 2009: Month by Month Highlights

    I only hope in someway I have helped to enlighten or inspire you in 2009 and look forward to bring even more energy and passion to TDC in 2010. Below is a month-by-month recap of 2009’s Best Articles on The Design Cubicle.

  • Folio Focus 25 of the Best Portfolio Sites of 2009

    In this post you’ll see 25 portfolios with a variety of different styles (all have been featured in our gallery since it’s launch in June).

  • David Airey 10 most notable logos of 2009

    The turn of the year is usually a time for reflection. We see “best of the year” this, “the year’s top” that, so to add a little slice of my own, here follows what I consider the 10 most notable logos of 2009.

  • Crazyleaf Design Most Beautiful Websites of 2009

    Following the success of our last year’s article, Most Beautiful Websites of 2008, we decided to publish this year’s most beautiful and inspirational websites, handpicked from our web gallery.

  • DesignOra The Best of 2009 in Flash Web Design

    To cap off the year I have rounded up some of the most interesting. amazing and inspired flash creations. Collected from the best lists roundups competitions and designers from the year of 2009. Containing the newest tuts the broadest resources and creative designs in many flash coded combination’s. Presenting a view of Flash Design from 2009.

  • Vandelay Design Best Photoshop Website Layout Tutorials of 2009

    As a final post for 2009, let’s take a look back at the best tutorials for creating website layouts in Photoshop.

  • Designer Daily The best design articles of 2009

    In case you’re afraid to have missed any good design article, look no further and check out the following ones.

  • D-Lists The Very Best Web Designs Of 2009

    I have been through all 33 weekly web design posts and picked out my favourite, creating an amazing array of lovely web designs.

  • CreativeFan The 20 Best Logos from 2009

    Certainly there are thousands of quality logos created in 2009, but these stand out as creative and clever.

  • COLOURlovers Best Magazine Covers of 2009

    From the Magazine Publishers of America and Amazon, here are the winners of the best magazine covers of 2009. Which, by the looks of it, are mostly blue.

  • Abduzeedo 2009 – Sites of the Year

    This year we’ve featured a lot of great sites, I mean, a bunch of sites every single week! And I know you love this serie of posts. Thinking on it, and to bring to the memory the best sites we shown you in 2009, I’ve selected 60 of them to remember.

  • Fuel Your Creativity Best of 2009 in the Creative Industry

    It’s been a quick ride but it’s had some amazing creativity & content that could keep us fueled through the next year. Check out some of the best and most memorable from this year.


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