Monday Marvels: Baseball Infographics

The 2010 MLB baseball season starts in earnest today, the Yankees and Red sox having played last night.

Baseball is a game driven by numbers: RBI, OPS, Slugging%, ERA, WHIP are are statisticians dream come true, but for designers too these number can make for some great material.

Below you’ll find links to some websites that take the many baseball numbers and statistics and turns them into some awesome infographics.


Essentially, this site is what I’d have been doing when I was 12 years old had the Internet and Photoshop been available to me in the eighties. As well as the infographics there are a few other bits and bobs; like small pixiliated portraits of some baseball players. They are filleted from a bigger collection of Minipops (that’s what I call them) which is one of the biggest parts of my main web site, Flip Flop Flyin’ (thus the name of this site). There’s also some photos from some of the stadiums I’ve visited, and a few drawings.


Visual Baseball

Welcome to Visual Baseball! It’s the result of several years of experimentation with the fusion of baseball and infographics. In this blog you’ll find new ways to view and understand baseball’s rich body of statistics and information. Whether you’re a baseball fan or simply interested in infographics, I hope you enjoy it


Alex Reisner Baseball Statistics

Graphs, charts, and lists for players, leagues, and seasons. A statistical universe intended to present familiar data in a new way.


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