Introducing WhoDribbled?

Last week I was clicking through the sites archive here on Most Inspired, and I was surprised I was able to identify the designer of a few of the sites featured, just by looking at their screenshots. I was a little surprised, but I look at a lot of screenshots and since designers tend to have their own unique style, not too surprised.

I wondered who else would be able to identify the designers by looking at screenshots, and who would be the most recognizable designers. So the idea for WhoDribbled? was born.

Off course going through the entire Most Inspired sites archive and identifying every designer would have taken longer than I could possibly manage. I needed to find an alternative source of designs and designers. Enter Dribbble.

Dribbble is a very popular (yet still very exclusive) networking site for designers. Designers post small shots of their work — sometimes in progress — and other members post their comments on those designs.

Dribbble recently introduced an API for accessing information about the shots posted on the website, and information on who posted the shots. I’d found my source of information.

WhoDribbled? shows you a random shot from Dribbble and lets you pick from 3 designers who may have posted it to Dribbble. Simply select the one you think may be responsible for the work, and click on Submit. Once you’ve done that you’ll be presented with another random shot, and below you’ll find out how you’re doing so far. How many times you’ve been right and wrong.

I built the website over the weekend in between trips out trick or treating. I used KohanaPHP for the back end, HTML5 Boiler Plate as a start for the front end, and Martin Bean’s PHP wrapper for the Dribbble API.

Once I have enough votes to be meaningful, I’ll be building a leaderboard of sorts — a list of the most recognized dribbblers.

That’s it for this weekend project, hope you enjoy. If you have any feedback, please feel to leave a comment below.

Link: WhoDribbled?

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One Response to Introducing WhoDribbled?

  1. That’s a great idea, well done!

    And very funny too, because I stumbled on one of my shot after only a few attempts 🙂