Monday Marvels: Happy Holidays

The days following Thanks giving are typically used for getting in the mood for the holidays. We’ve decked the halls, have the tree up and lights on the outside of the house.

During this time of the year many parks decorate with lights and allow you drive through at night, there are many parades to celebrate the holidays. I started searching for these sites to build a showcase of great holiday light/festival websites.

Even though there are large number festivals parades and light shows many don’t have their on own site, and overall I was disappointed in the quality of the sites, but I did manage to find a few worthy of a closer look…

Holiday in Lights

Magnificent Mile Lights Festival

Tournament of Roses

Winter Festival of Lights

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Christmas in Hershey

Unfortunately the list isn’t very long, so if you do know of any sites worth checking out please leave them in the comments!

Happy holidays everyone!

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