10 Top Icon Search Engines

Although icons take up a relatively small amount of screen real estate, they can be a hugely important part of your design. Grabbing the users attention and helping to convey the whole meaning of your design.

We’ve collected the top 10 icon search engines to help you find the perfect icons for your design.

Find Icons

Here you could not only find your desired icons, but could convert your icons to desired file size, upload those icons which you want to and browse through through their huge directory of icons. Keep a track of your mast favorite and used icons.

Icon Archive

A categorized collection of high quality desktop and web icon sets. You could find a huge collection of more than 31,500 icons in 1106 sets from 261 icon authors. These icons could be used for Windows(XP, Vista), Macintosh(OSX, OS) and Windows Vista and XP, Linux(as PNG files)

Icon Drawer

A collection of high quality icons with a reasonable price tag, best suited for latest Mac OS X and Windows Vista are found in this beautiful collection. Also these icons are prefect for software toolbar, web site, GUI design or presentations.

Icon Finder

You find a dedicated blog in this site where you collect the latest news about the site, not all icons are free here, purchase the best custom designed icons and upload and let others view your best collection of icons.

Icon Let

Has a basic search for all, and advanced search of icons where all the customary details like name, format, size, width and licenses are given as inputs and search happens wisely.


Has a featured list of icons a click on the icons displays the information about the author, license, available sizes, and a download option too. And also displays the other icons from the same set.


Find quality icons for Windows, Mac and Linux for desktop, software, website, mobile, presentation in sizes of 16 x 16, 256 x 256 in PNG format and sizes of 16 x 16 to 128 x 128 in ICO format.


Collection of 437 icon sets and 125,174 icons is what you come across here. Contains high quality web and computer icons, and makes your search quite easy with its search bar.


Contains icons for Microsoft Windows and each file contains multiple pages in various color depths and sizes. These icons can be downloaded as .ico files or .png images.


Divided into search, categorized search and advanced search where you search the latest icons or according to the size and other details. More than 20000 icons in their database where you could find yours also after submitting your icon to them.

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  1. I have always been partial to weloveicons.com

  2. Roman says:

    Very usefull, thanks!

  3. David says:

    Great list, I use http://www.seanau.com!