10 Top Icon Libraries

If you don’t have the time to create your own icons, or the time to find the perfect icons, using some pre-packaged icon libraries can be your savior.

We’ve hunted down 10 of the best icon libraries that can be used in your projects.


Huge collection of 966563 stock icons in 259 icon sets and an update of 3 new icon sets every week. Sizes available from 16 to 512 px, where there are more than 25 styles and for 25 different industries.


Has a count of 108 icons in sizes of 48px, 64px, 128 px for Adobe CS4 applications and file extensions. The entire icon set is licensed under Creative Common 3.0 license.


Showcasing 2400+ professional icons with sizes ranging from 16 X !6 to 256 X 256 pixels with high level of detail even in small sizes with a consistent color theme, perspective and style.


Exclusive icon library as 64 stock icons for web professionals where you can look out for pixel perfection in icons and freely download them.


More than 100 icons categorized in 15+ galleries in hig quality for Windows, Mac and Linux in different formats like Ico, Gif, Bmp, Png.


You find different genres of icons like circular icons, shiny icons, diagram, primo, LED, Quartz, flavor and a variety of other icons for your web development projects.


A library of icons for both free and premium members. Different collection of icons in the form of candles, birdies, shine, yummy, Christmas and a lot to explore.


Here you can manage, keep, modify, extract, convert, enlarge and contract icons. IconCool Manager includes 1300 free sample icons.


Download more than 40,000 icons in more than 357 icon libraries and borwse the new releases every now and then and a lot more to find out.


A vast, beautiful, and effective collection of premium icons which includes more than 20 cutting edge icon sets and thousands of distinct icons – developed in different themes, styles, look and feel, and all the different formats.

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