How to Showcase Your Designs and Get the Right Exposure as a Freelance Web Designer

There’s a certain satisfaction in working as a freelance web designer – you’re your own boss, you get to keep your own hours, and you get to work out of your home. However, just as every silver lining has a cloud, the downside to freelancing is that you could have to work harder to gain new projects and clients, especially if you’re not experienced and/if you can’t get the word out that you’re in the business and ready to take on clients.

You must know how to showcase your designs and get the right kind of exposure if you want to succeed as a freelance web designer, and to this end, here’s what you can do…

Gain some experience

Not many people want to trust the design of their websites to a newbie, someone who’s just entered the business and who seems to have no experience.

So even if you’re skilled and talented, you may not be given the opportunity to prove yourself. The best way to get around this hurdle is to find work with an organization that deals in web design and development, as a designer.

You may not have the freedom to work on your own designs, but you will be able to develop a network of clients and potential clients which will come in handy when you go into business for yourself.

Spread the word

If you want to be your own boss, the best way to gain exposure would be to spread the word – tell people you know what you do for a living and ask them to pass on the information to their friends who’re looking for a web designer.

Get your profile onto job sites, especially those where people go to find freelancers, and ensure that you include your best designs on your page. Bid or apply for jobs that are posted asking for web designers, and make a good impression in your application. The more work you get, the more experience you gain and the more success you achieve.

Collaborate with writers/developers: Web design is not a stand-alone task when building a website; it involves inputs from and collaboration with developers who take care of the backend of the operations and writers who provide the content for the site. So if you want to find clients, hook up with established writers and developers who already have a loyal set of customers; you must be able to prove to them that you’re capable of creative designs and that you have a professional approach to your job.

Advertise yourself

The best way to do this is through your own website – a web designer is expected to have a fantastic website, one that brings to the fore all your creativity and which tells clients that they can be sure of a positive design experience.

Keep updating your site and use it to reach out to customers who are looking for designers. Also, ensure that you detail your strengths and skills on your site without exaggerating or providing false information.

When you’re a web designer, it’s all about knowing how to hold on to existing clients and find new ones with the right blend of your creativity and your professionalism.


This guest post is contributed by Bailey Digger, she writes on the topic of web design degree programs. She welcomes your comments at her email: baileydigger189(@)gmail(.)com.

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