What is Talentopoly?

Talentopoly is an invite only network for developers, designers and IT professionals.

Talentopoly does not aim to replace your professional network like LinkedIn, or your personal network like Facebook — founder Jared Brown aimed to create a network that made his time finding quality stuff to read easier.

The elevator pitch: where talented people go to share their best links. No longer do you have to manage lists on Twitter, likes on Facebook or bookmarking in your browser. Talentopoly is about sharing information, not Charlie Sheen rants.

The cream rises to the top on Talentopoly. It is Talentoply’s mission to become your portal for industry specific links you previously had to dig or setup systems to catch. Let’s examine three potential links:

Coffee Script http://tlnt.co/p/6B
Details Make the Difference in Web Design http://tlnt.co/p/7v
Calculating Social Media “ROI” is Misguided http://tlnt.co/p/6I

I highlighted a developer, designer and IT professional link on purpose. As you can see, all are extremely relevant to the IT group as a whole, meaning shared interests. However, the beauty is that even though they are specific to one industry, they are unique to a distinction of that industry. In two clicks you can navigate Talentopoly to find specific users of interest, and find what links they might have shared that haven’t risen to the top yet. Even better, Talentopoly goes out of its way to reduce even those two clicks for you.

On the right side navigation bar, you have three one-off actionable clicks:

Post a new link
Most liked this week
Most discussed this week

Talentopoly runs on the immediacy of real time, so it allows you to share, view or discuss a quality link with one click. It becomes the portal that houses those quality links, but also allows you to push links out of Talentopoly to share with your other websites. Currently there is Twitter integration, allowing you to sync your Twitter account so that the second you share a link, it pings to Twitter too, with a unique URL. There are plans of Facebook and LinkedIn integration as well.

The website is invite only. The developer, designer and IT professional community is a very broad audience. However Talentopoly wants to focus on the sharing of quality links that help those ‘behind the scenes’ people find the actionable links, not status updates. Talentopoly will remain an invite only network for developers, designers and IT professionals.

Talentopoly isn’t about gaining ‘followers’, ‘subscribers’ and ‘friends’ — it’s about quality links.

Talentopoly stands behind its name: where talented people go to share their best links. It’s invite only, so if you’d like an invite, shoot me an email: jaredbrown @ talentopoly.com.

This is a guest post by Talentopoly founder, Jared Brown

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