Great Design and Development Studio Team Pages

When you’re in the service industry there are only a couple of pages more important on your website than your team page.

Despite living in a digital world, were we often don’t meet the people we work with in person anymore, people still want to see who they’ll be working. The team page on your website is a great opportunity to show your team individuality, and maybe what tips the client to hiring your team.

Often the team pages are hidden inside an “About” section, but should much more prominent in my opinion.

In this post I’ve collected some great team pages from design and development studios from around the global. Each provides a unique way of presenting their team to the world.

tcs digital world

I love how the team members appear to be interacting with each other in this page.



Awesome little photo booth like photo presentation.


Finger Paint Marketing

See how the team members have grown up, with these cool young and old photos.



Love the line up approach here.



I love how you can filter the team based on what you’re looking for.



Not usually a fan of animated graphics, but great to see some motion here.


Greak Works

Like how you know where everyone is located.



Seems pretty ordinary at first glance, but the great intro message, and stylish photography make this page standout.



We all want to be rock stars, now you can be on your team page!



Love the unusual shape for wrapping the images, and hover affects.



A picture in a picture and unique titles, cool!



If you look carefully you might find me hiding out on this team page.


Please share any team pages you like in the comments below.

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4 Responses to Great Design and Development Studio Team Pages

  1. Eric says:

    This is an AMAZING list.

    We’ve just relaunched our “team” page, and I’d really appreciate some feedback – here’s the link:


  2. @Eric: I like the group photo up at the top, gives a real sense of the team you have at your company, and heck it looks like they actually like each other 🙂

    I think the bio text at the bottom is getting a little long in places though making for a lot of scrolling at a lot of awkward white space.

    I’d consider showing a limited number of lines of each bio (to maintain the same height for each bio block) with a “read more” link that uses some javascript to show the rest of the text.

    You could use a plugin like this:jQuery Expander Plugin

  3. Very creative…
    Thank you,
    Darren Sproat

  4. This is a very helpful list. I’ve been scouring the web for good “About Us” examples and this is one of the better compiled selections.