What do you sit on?

It’s time to replace my chair with something new.

As someone who sits at a desk for over 10 hours each day, the quality of my chair is very important! Or maybe its just because I’m getting older, but the bones seems to creek and ache a little bit more lately.

Herman Miller

I know some people swear by Herman Miller chairs, and whilst I’ve been fortunate enough to have an Aeron at previous jobs, the $800+ is a little out of my price range for the home office.

The range has expanded, with some more affordable offerings, so it may be time to take a test drive of the other offerings.


A long time ago, before I got my home office all setup I used to work from a sofa in the living room. It was great for watching TV and working at the same time, not my most productive times! Perhaps a sofa in the office would be make for a more productive, and comforting working environment.

Dining Room

When I was younger, I didn’t have a desk in my bedroom. All my homework was done at the dining room table.

With space at a premium on most large cities, rooms often have dual functions, so why not the furniture. Would a dining room chair be comfortable enough for a full days work?

Exercise Ball

Some friends swear by Exercise balls as chairs, and I found this great article with 10 Reasons to Use an Exercise ball as your Chair. I may get used to something like that, but I can’t see myself on an exercise ball for 60hrs a week.


With studies claim sitting all day is killing us!

Quantitative estimates indicate that sedentary living is responsible for about one-third of deaths due to coronary heart disease, colon cancer, and diabetes–three diseases for which physical inactivity is an established causal factor.

The public health burdens of sedentary living habits: theoretical but realistic estimates

Would now be a better time to stand while working. It probably wouldn’t be practical to stand for the entire work day, but with the availability of motorized desks, perhaps now is the time to switch from sitting all day to standing.

How about you?

What do you sit on all day (and your ass isn’t a helpful answer, although funny!), if you were buying a new chair what would you buy?

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3 Responses to What do you sit on?

  1. Jace says:

    I have run the gamut from regular desk chair to standing desk to Herman Miller Mirra (current), my favorite was probably the standing desk. I agree that standing all day everyday may not be practical or possible for some people, the addition of a small stool helps considerably for those times when you want to sit down. I would often sit down during lunch breaks just to give my legs a rest for an hour. When I moved into my new house, I bought a Herman Miller Mirra and while it’s an excellent and very comfortable chair, my back still hurts occasionally because I don’t sit in the chair all the way and instead lean forward. Standing is the only thing that’s relieved my back pain considerably.

  2. Erik Straub says:

    I currently sit on an exercise ball and have for over a year. I wouldn’t be able to go back to a regular chair at this point.

    I’d like to try standing, but buying a desk just to try it is a big drawback. I’m taking suggestions for cheap DIY options.

  3. Alec Perkins says:

    +1 to the exercise balls. (+3 really, since our whole team uses them.) Much cheaper and more flexible than a standing desk. I tried standing, but without a proper desk, it’s awkward at best. Plus, with the exercise ball, you can always tell when one of the team is jamming to something good in their headphones when they start bouncing.