Site of the Week #22

For this weeks site I’ve chosen the website of Jenier.

Since I was raised in England, I take my afternoon tea break very seriously. Jenier’s website takes what many would call boring, and makes it very appealing!


Jenier is based in Scotland whose history is deeply entwined with the history of tea and its trade around the world.

In the 16th Century, Dutch merchants living in Edinburgh were some of the first to appreciate the full commercial potential of tea and were quick to open up new supply routes from the Far East through to the primary markets of Europe.

Scots quickly came to appreciate tea and and were not only drinking it in Scotland but quickly saw the opportunities to open plantations in India and Ceylon where they were able to control the means of production. This had been made possible by Scottish pioneers such as Robert Fortune who were instrumental in the spread of tea growing throughout the British Empire.

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