Site of the Week #28

After a brief hiatus we’re back! This past week, we had 92 new sites added to the gallery, from which I’ve chosen the website of Moment Skis.

Moment Skis

The website is an awesome blend of high impact photography, big bold typography and some great copy that all comes together to tell the story of a great brand.

While Moment is growing, it’s the constants that make us happy. We still design with the future of skiing in mind. We still use 95% domestically sourced ingredients and FSC-certified wood cores. We still party out of bounds. And we still make every single pair by hand, right here in Reno. While you might see more square tips around than you did a year ago, rest assured: every Moment customer has been pre-screened for radness, just like you. And just like you, we’re still in it for the stoke, not the scrilla. The big-hair babes, gold watches and movie deals? That’s just for decoration.

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  1. acens says:

    Good site ;-))