20 Creative Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook fan pages are a great way to connect with the people who like what you do, whether it’s a musician trying to build up their fan base or a company wanting to connect with its customers.

Because the pages are so important, many companies and individuals are looking to make their fan pages stand out by pushing the format of the page in various creative ways. The various examples below show just how far some companies, individuals and even television shows are going to attract the attention and involvement of their followers.

All the examples below have certain things in common. They all have large graphics (or even video) to catch the potential follower’s eye. They all have clear, strong calls to action that urge people who have not followed them yet to do so. They also give followers many ways to engage with the brand through games, discussions and other activities. This illustrates how these companies and individuals view their followers: not as passive receivers of on-brand messages but as active participants in the brand’s culture.

It is also important to note that these are not all international brands with unlimited budgets. Some of the examples are small companies with only 4,000 or so followers, but they still treat their followers like a community with value.

Dunkin’ Donuts


Red Bull



Coca Cola


Realising Designs

Gary Vaynerchuk



Elvis Presley

Disney Pixar


The Vampire Diaries


Bob Marley


Heinz Ketchup

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3 Responses to 20 Creative Facebook Fan Pages

  1. div says:

    Nice collection. TFS 🙂

  2. rksistu says:

    Great collection thanks for share

  3. JimJ says:

    From a design/marketing perspective: these are great; but from a personal one: I’m quite annoyed that facebook is gradually turning into a slightly less gaudy version of myspace…