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As in years past, I’ve been collecting the best of years posts from design and development related blogs. Below you’ll find links to the best of 2011 in design and development.

I will trying to keep the list updated as I find more links, but please feel free to add any posts I miss in the comments.

  • 38 Brilliant Logo Designs Of 2011 For Your Inspiration

    This year, the design world has seen some amazing logos and we wanted to display some of the best for you as a source of inspiration. They show some great creativity with the use of negative space and what you can do with type to make a real impact.

  • Website Design Ideas and Trends of 2011

    Today, we will give you web design ideas and trends used this year in creating most websites. For sure, most of these could be seen in existing websites and web designers out there are also thinking of using them in their future designs.

  • Quick look at some of the Popular Web Design Trends from 2011

    Looking back over the past year we can pick up a lot of fresh emerging trends. Web designers around the world are connected like never before through a seemingly endless supply of social networks (big thums up to Dribble). Thus it’s much easier for new and innovative trends to build a head-of-steam and snowball into the main-stream.

  • 25 Stunningly Helpful Infographics from 2011

    Information has become easier to digest than ever before. Web and graphics designers have jumped onto the growing trend of infographics, where particular information is portrayed in charts and diagrams for easy consumption.

    The year 2011 has seen some impressive collections of data and information. The transparency(or non-transparency) of government, energy usage, Internet connectivity, worldwide hunger, and a slew of other statistics should give you an idea behind how infographics are put together. Below are 25 of my personal favorites from 2011 focusing on a range of datasets. If you know of other graphics or just want to share your thoughts you can post in the comments area below.

  • The 50 Most Useful jQuery Plugins from 2011

    With this post we have highlighted the 50 plugins that, we feel, are not only the most useful and popular from the this year, but also the most ground-breaking. To help you find a specific solution, we have split all of the plugins into the following categories: Form & Validation Plugins, Plugins for Responsive Layouts, Sliders, Galleries & Carousels, Modal Window Plugins, Mobile Specific Plugins, Web Typography Plugins, Animation Plugins and finally everything in-between.

  • 60 Most Wanted Design Freebies Of The Year 2011

    Over the past year we’ve seen a tremendous increase in the number of design blogs and PSD galleries. The great part here is web designers and graphic designers are becoming more interested in sharing their ideas and works with the Internet, and this great attitude gave birth to several premium quality design freebies from all around the world!

  • Popular Web Design Trends in 2011: Over 50 Inspiring Examples

    To end the year with an informative retrospective, we’ve scoured the web in search of patterns and trends that emerged or became increasingly popular throughout 2011. Follow along as we examine over fifty websites in an attempt to spot similar tricks and themes. I guarantee it’ll be difficult to read without spotting a few trends that you jumped on in your own projects this year!

  • Best Free UI PSDs of 2011

    So far in our Best of 2011 series, we’ve shown you our picks for the best free fonts and the best jQuery plugins. For this week, we’ve went back through all the UI PSDs that’s been released over the past year and picked our favorites. We saw plenty of these types of UI files being released in 2011, so it was very difficult to sift through them and find the ones that really stood out.

  • Top 50 Web Development, Design and Application Icon Sets from 2011

    This is now our fourth year rounding up the the best icon sets for web designers and developers. And what another fantastic year 2011 it has been! You’ll love this selection.

  • What I Learned About the Web in 2011

  • Best Of 2011: Ultimate Collection Of High Quality Photoshop Tutorials

    Every so often, you may discover it complicated to search for some of the highest quality Photoshop tutorials by means of search engines. Seeing that most of time, approximately all tutorials would tag themselves to be excellent, high quality or even the best Photoshop tutorial you can get. When exploring all the way through all these tutorials, your time is wasted. With the intention of saving your time, we have been spending more or less a whole year to seek out the best Photoshop tutorials for you. Finally, we come up with this massive collection of best Photoshop tutorials from 2011.

  • 45 Best Free Fonts of 2011

    We continue to showcase the best of freebies of 2011 in design industry.This year,many free fonts have been released and some of them really deserve to be in the best of list.Below fonts are all free for personal use,however please check for the commercial usage rights.

  • Our 50 Favorite Web Developers Resources and Tools from 2011

    As a developer, anything that can save you just a little bit of time is well worth its weight in gold. If you agree with that statement, you will love this. What we have for you is our selection of the best, the most useful and the most innovative tools and resources from 2011. That includes frameworks, boilerplates, apps, Javascript resources, CSS3 animations tools…and on…and on. So, no matter what, you are guaranteed to discover something completely new and really, really useful.

  • Awesome Free Texture Packs from 2011

    So get your virtual web design toolboxes ready for an extra healthy heaping of these awesome resources to be piled into the mix. Some of these you may have seen throughout 2011, and some may have slid under your radar and you are seeing them for the first time. Either way, we hope that they not only provide you with new resources, but also get you inspired to start a new project or implement them into an existing one.

  • Awesome Free Texture Packs from 2011

    As the year draws to a close, we tend to take a look back over the year and take stock. This post is here to not only sort of serve that purpose, but to also stock up on some of the year’s top free texture packs from around the web. Knowing how much use the web design community gets from resources like these, we felt like it would close the year in style to showcase some of 2011′s freshest and most useful textures that were released throughout the year.

  • 35 Amazing Book Covers From 2011

    “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is one of the earliest adages we learn as children. Looking at these covers, however, is enough to make us change our minds. Feast your eyes on some of the best offerings of book cover artists in 2011!

  • 30+ Inspirational Designs of the Year

    As we move into the New Year, it is a important to review what happened in the design community in 2011. However, unlike usual surveys, I will do so by reviewing the notable designs of the year. Although it’s impossible to review all the designs from 2012—I don’t claim to do so either—I’ve tried to select the best from deeply reviewed designs (approximately 2,000 designs) by considering different factors, include beauty, functionality, usability, and so forth. As these selected websites are from different categories and types, this survey could be regarded as a comprehensive overview.

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