Site of the Week #32

We had 47 new sites on Most Inspired this week (is the winter slowing people down?), and I’ve choosen Happy Cog as site of the week.

Happy Cog

If you’ve surfed the web much, you’ve probably been on a website designed by Happy Cog. Happy Cog’s founder Jeffrey Zeldman, is well known and well respected in the Web Design community. They have done an awesome design (as always) this time on their own website. A responsive design makes it easy admire from any device you might be surfing on.

We’ve been designing digital experiences ever since the web existed. And that entire time we’ve stayed ahead of the curve.

An inspirational leader in the digital design industry, Jeffrey Zeldman, crowned the “King of Web Standards” by Businessweek and the first inductee to the SXSW Interactive Festival Hall of Fame, founded Happy Cog in 1999. Happy Cog has grown to become an industry-leading, diverse group of problem-solving superstars across three studios, united under the common goal of making the web a better place to think, work and play.

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