ColourLovers acquires Forrst

Word came out yesterday that ColorLovers was buying Forrst, first via PandoDaily and later via BetaBeat.

There was some confusion exactly what this mean’t for Forrst, but both Kyle (Founder of Forrst) and Bubs (Darius Monsef, Founder of ColourLovers) have tried to clarify the situation. Forrst will remain largely as it is, with access to more resources to build out its platform. Checkout the formal announcement here.

I’ve never met Bubs or Kyle, but I’ve been a member of Forrst for a long time, and have known Bubs since I joined the Young Go Getters forum many years ago.

You couldn’t ask for two better people for building an online community, as evidenced by the work they have done independantly, now that they will be working together is a sign of great things to come. This should well be a win-win-win acqusition for ColourLovers, Forrst, and their respective communities. Although Bubs has said he feels that Forrst is a design community, it has its hooks into us develepers too, a segement of the community that has strugged to find its footing.

Behance and Dribbble are other examples of great communities for designers, but such great communites are lacking for developers, perhaps the newly acquired Forrst will now have the resources it needs to create something great for developers too.

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