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ColourLovers acquires Forrst

Word came out yesterday that ColorLovers was buying Forrst, first via PandoDaily and later via BetaBeat. There was some confusion exactly what this mean’t for Forrst, but both Kyle (Founder of Forrst) and Bubs (Darius Monsef, Founder of ColourLovers) have … Continue reading

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Well structured HTML5 websites

HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language has seen a phenomenal growth from its birth. The current version is HTML 4 which is used for multimedia and interactiveness takes the support of plugins like Flash, Silverlight and JAVA for an audio … Continue reading

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50 Innovative 404 Error Pages

There are many reasons why your websites needs a 404 error page. You might have moved some pages, or changed your URL structure, and now any links going to those pages no longer work. Web servers provide your website with … Continue reading

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8 Ways of Increasing Traffic to Your Blog

In today‚Äôs world of freelancing it has become harder to find effective marketing techniques. We all know that it is an absolute necessity to have a blog, and knowing this fact many freelancers are now blogging. This leaves you with … Continue reading

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Design Trends for 2009: Current and Future

Design in general is always evolving and changing. From the dull, lifeless days of bland, boring websites to the age of color and excitement when it comes to web design – all in the space of just a few short … Continue reading

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7 Reasons Why Designers Need to Blog

During current economical times, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find and secure good clients. A “good” client is one who plays on time and presents his/her needs in a precise, and efficient manner. That’s why freelance designers need to work … Continue reading

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The Secret to One-Page Designs

One-page websites, or “one-pagers” as I like to call them have proven to be a very simple and effective way of relaying all needed information effectively. An issue with the standard website is that visitors need to go through a … Continue reading

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2008 Summer Music Festival Websites

Music Festivals, Concert Tours Website Designs Some huge summer concert venues, totaling crowds in the thousands, if not millions all combined… You would think they would have brilliant websites. I’ve found some of the best websites for 2008 summer music … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Make Your Website More Effective

5 things that any website owner can do to improve the effectiveness of the website. Continue reading

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