Niche Nuggets: 24 Inspiring SaaS Website Designs

Software as a Service has become a popular and common delivery model for most business applications. Software and data are centrally located, typically in a cloud, and are normally accessed by users with a web browser over the internet.

Often the developers of a SaaS and their users will never meet, all their communication done through the website. The design and usability of SaaS company’s website are therefore very important. Having a poorly designed website could lead to lost users which in turn means lost revenue.

In this post I’ve collected 24 SaaS company websites that should inspire you for you next website design project, even if it’s not a SaaS website.


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What do you sit on?

It’s time to replace my chair with something new.

As someone who sits at a desk for over 10 hours each day, the quality of my chair is very important! Or maybe its just because I’m getting older, but the bones seems to creek and ache a little bit more lately.

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Site of the Week #15

This week I’ve selected a great little site for a great idea. Activate is a “A fun day away from your desk… in the great outdoors!”


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Site of the Week #14

My latest little side project, Am waiting for, was picked up by CSSmania, but I resisted the temptation to make it the site of the week. It was pretty easy given the great sites I saw coming across in the past week.

This week I selected the website of Two Giraffes as the site of the week.

Two Giraffes

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Deals for Designer, Developers and other Geeks

Sites like Groupon and LivingSocial are great for deals at the spa, department store or fancy restaurant, but we’re not into that stuff are we?

Where are the great deals on gadgets, fonts, icons and other tech toys? Below we’ve collected a list of sites that should satisfy your craving for tech related deals.

Webdesign Goodies

Web Design Goodies (or @wdGoodies on Twitter) is a place where we curate daily deals, discounts, freebies & contests from around the design community.

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Site of the Week #13

Unlucky for some, but not for YCN, their website has been selected for site of the week number 13.

YCN Online

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Great Design and Development Studio Team Pages

When you’re in the service industry there are only a couple of pages more important on your website than your team page.

Despite living in a digital world, were we often don’t meet the people we work with in person anymore, people still want to see who they’ll be working. The team page on your website is a great opportunity to show your team individuality, and maybe what tips the client to hiring your team.

Often the team pages are hidden inside an “About” section, but should much more prominent in my opinion.

In this post I’ve collected some great team pages from design and development studios from around the global. Each provides a unique way of presenting their team to the world.

tcs digital world

I love how the team members appear to be interacting with each other in this page.


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Site of Week #12

Really torn between 2 sites this week, both have a very different feel and vibe, but both are great!

In the end I decided to go with Surfcamp Portugal as the site of the week.

Surfcamp Portugal

Surfcamp-Portugal in Ericeira offers great prices on surf lessons as well as private and group lodging in a gorgeous atmosphere. Learn how to surf and go on guided surfing excursions with certified instructors who know Portugal’s top surfing spots. Your dream surfing holiday awaits you in beautiful Ericeira!

Really love the awesome photography and overall feel for the website, how can you not want to go Surfing after seeing it?

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10 Inspiring Mobile User Interface Collections

A little while ago I posted about a new mobile patterns inspiration site. This post expands on that offering, providing a collection of mobile inspiration sites.

Some of the sites are focused on specific platforms, while others provide more general mobile design inspiration.

Landing Pad


At Landing Pad, we want to showcase the best of the best, so choose what you consider to be a single screen that best exemplifies your app’s design. App screenshots must be high quality, full size images. We accept both horizontal and vertical orientations. Please also provide the title of your app, your name or studio’s name, and a link of your choice (preferably to your website or the App Store).

Platform: iPad only

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Site of Week #11

Another great week of sites appearing on the design galleries! This week I’ve selected the website of Lowcountry Housing Trust as the site of the week.

Lowcountry Housing Trust

LHT is a regional affordable housing advocate and financier that works with local governments, developers, community leaders, non-profits and businesses to address the housing crisis facing the local community.

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